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Statisticsports offer a betting and trading tool used by over 400 tipsters and professionals. The latest features include a layout for live games page covering over 95% of in-play matches with comprehensive match statistics. You can filter the in-play games by game time, stats domination, dropping odds, goal range and more. You can also fully customize their tool by removing the stats and odds you don't want, for example if you wanted to bet only on corners. The tool also offers the line notification, where you can set the tool to notify you when for example -1.5 line has dropped to -1 and is available to bet on the minimum odds you set. Add the games and leagues into your favourites, add notes to leagues, games and teams and don't miss a potential goldmine bet. Customizable notification is a new feature where you can use all the in-play stats and pre-game odds with in-play odds to create your own notifications. For example - a home team with opening odds of 1.8 and closing odds of under 1.2 concedes the first goal and there's still more than 60 minutes to play and the home team has 80% more dangerous attacks, at least 5 corners and at least 15 total shots.

In addition to the desktop version, they now also offer a mobile app (beta version), offering notifications wherever you are. Check the in-play games, stats, scores and more. Access a large databse of results, pre-game stats for the teams, average goals, corners, cards and scoring minutes. Also, you can check the upcoming games from the schedule with opening and closing odds. Compare the odds movements with a click and check teams previous games, head to head matches and games against mutual opponents.

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