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Data Files: All new countries
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Registering with any of the advertised bookmakers on Football-Data will help keep access to the historical results & betting odds data files FREE.

Below you will find the download link for full time results and closing match (home-draw-away) betting odds from Pinnacle as well as best and average market prices from a basket of bookmakers for 16 newly added football premier leagues. Data are available in Excel format, one worksheet per country, and are available from 2012 onwards.

Additionally, Excel Whizz have kindly made available a little script (compatable with Excel 2013 and 2016 versions) that collates all data from individual division work sheets into one work sheet. Download the code here. Simply open the Visual Basic Explorer window (Alt+F11) and go to Insert - Module, then paste in the code.

(text file key to the data files and data source acknowledgements)


Data for the most recent results are combined together in one worksheet in both Excel and CSV format.


Data for each league are also available individually via the links below, in both Excel and CSV format.

Contact if you believe there are any errors or omissions in the data files.