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Trading for a profit on 2014 World Cup

Posted 7th January 2014

The World Cup - a melting pot of diversity, the integration of cultures and most importantly four weeks filled with the best players in the world competing for the ultimate prize. The FIFA World Cup has been and will remain a massive betting event, with the options for punters to generate a profit broadening significantly in recent years due to the advent of betting exchanges.

With backing, laying, trading and live betting, betting exchanges have presented a new dimension and revolutionised the way individuals are able to bet on the World Cup. No longer are customers confined to poor value outright winners, match winner odds offered by traditional bookmakers. Instead, they can back teams to win and lose, can lock in profits through trades and can partake in live betting, during matches and throughout the competition.

Trading has always been a staple strategy of the financial markets and has been transposed to sports betting through the medium of betting exchanges. It involves the practice of betting on a selection at certain odds, then betting against it at different odds which are advantageous to the customer, thus allowing them to lock in a profit. Trading strategies can be implemented prior to the World Cup commencing, with teams odds affected by team news, managerial changes and injuries etc. However whilst pre competition trading can be effective, utilising this methodology through live betting can exploit its benefits to the fullest. Live betting is available on the betting exchanges and offers customers the choice to bet during the course of each individual match at the World Cup and throughout the competition as a whole.

Argentina is a prime example of a team who appear to offer solid trading value at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. South American teams have an excellent record when the tournament is held in their continent and Messi's merry men have what appears on paper a straightforward task in their group with Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, Nigeria the opposition. If victorious they are most likely to play Switzerland in the second round, another winnable game. Their current odds for winning the tournament are 6.0, and so backing prior to their first match looks a good move. Assuming they win the group and beat Switzerland, the odds on Argentina should fall to around 4.0. This is where live trading can be implemented, a profit locked in and the book can be 'greened up. Backing Argentina at 6.0 for £100 stake and then laying them (betting on them not to win the tournament) after the second round at 4.0 for £150 stake, would generate a guaranteed profit of £50 regardless of the outcome. Profit if they win is £500 minus the £450 liability on the lay bet, equals £50 profit. If they lose, £150 profit from the lay bet, minus £100 staked on the back bet, equals £50 profit.

WBX is a top betting exchange for betting on the World Cup 2014, as they offer live betting facilities and the option to trade through backing and laying. Furthermore, their live betting features offer better odds and shorter suspensions on the market when goals are scored and cards are dished out. The handy 'what if' function enables customers to analyse their potential profit through a variety of scenarios and takes the manual calculation out of performing trades. For those that want to lock in their profits and have access to a wide range of live betting markets, WBX is an ideal choice.