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How Technology is Game-Changing Football Betting

Over the last decade, technology has undeniably revolutionised the world of football betting. Sports betting apps have made the pastime more flexible while also delivering increased security. Cryptocurrency and AI have also altered how we bet. Overall, the changes that technology has created have improved football betting.

Multiple account prevention measures

Promotional sign–up offers and free bets, such as "bet £10, get £30 in free bets", have been abused by players since online betting first started. Obviously, these offers are created in order to attract new customers. They're also made in the hope that the new customers will continue to use the betting site after the promotional offer has been made. Sports betting sites are successful in this goal a lot of the time.

However, many players abuse these offers mainly by signing up several times using multiple emails. Luckily, technology has allowed betting sites to become more proficient in preventing players from creating multiple accounts.

For example, many major football betting sites now have technology that detects whenever two accounts are set up using the same IP address. This would suggest that the same player has set up a second account, given that a second account has been set up on the same computer. Additionally, instances of duplicate home addresses or bank details being used when setting up an account can also be detected by the same safeguard technology.

While this is good news for the bookies, it may not be great news if you like to use as many free bets as possible. Instead of creating multiple accounts on the same betting site, you could sign up for several betting sites that each offer a similar promotional offer.

You might even find other types of offers at different sites, like cashback on losses, enhanced odds (this is common around the time of a big sporting event such as betting on a World Cup tournament finals), a risk-free bet, or a first-deposit bonus (source:

Flexible, real-time betting

You've always been able to carry out real-time betting. However, technology has made carrying out these real–time bets far more flexible and easy. Instead of rushing to the bookies mid-game, you can alter your bet remotely with your phone and an internet connection.

For example, if you've made it to half-time and your bets have so far been successful, you can cash out your winnings early on the betting app. This way, you can prevent losing everything if the score changes in the second half. Alternatively, you could decide to keep your bets active in the hope of winning even more money come full-time.

Technology and easy access to live scores have allowed for more strategic betting; bettors can now monitor changes to the game and make bets at what they believe to be the right time.

On top of this, betters can check in-play odds as they change by the second. This allows players to stay informed of new betting opportunities throughout the match and place new bets should they want to.

Plus, you can bet on a whole host of sports and leagues simultaneously. Whether you're betting on a Champions League match or a niche sport from another country, you can do it in real-time using your sports betting app of choice.

Tracking your bets offline in the same way is not possible - unless you're willing to stand in the bookmakers for a prolonged period of time.

Advanced mobile apps

Sports betting mobile apps have improved the world of online betting in many ways, including reasons already mentioned: flexible betting, in-play odds updates, and remote betting control.

These apps combine all your live bets and display them in a comprehensive interface. This gives you an organized overview of all your current bets, rather than a scrambled mess of betting slips.

Apps have also improved online betting thanks to the safety and security provided by them.

The best sports betting apps come with SSL encryption, which encrypts the data you input into the app. This safeguards yourself, your identity, and your funds from hackers. Additionally, most modern betting apps come with facial ID log-in systems. This further lessens the threat of hackers infiltrating your sports betting account. Sports betting apps are likely to continue to develop as the demand for them continues. This demand isn't going away any time soon, considering that, in the UK, sports betting apps generated £2.36 billion in revenue in 2022.

Instant payouts

Just as you can make bets remotely, you can also collect your winnings remotely. Most modern sports bet apps offer instant payouts. This means that bettors can receive their winnings as soon as they make them.

You can link your bank account directly to your sports betting app. Not only does this allow you to deposit money into your sports betting account quickly, but it also means your funds can be transferred back to your bank account instantly.

You no longer have to walk to your bookies or wait for the money to transfer to your account - instant payouts make online betting far more appealing to bettors.

More competition

Online football betting in the UK has seen an increase over the last decade. Online sports betting on the whole is projected to continue to increase in the coming years.

The reason for this is due to the benefits already mentioned, such as the accessibility and flexibility of online soccer betting.

Between now and 2027, an estimated annual growth rate of 5.92% is set to occur, based on data provided by Statista. Given that football remains the most popular sport to bet on in the UK, it's safe to assume that it counts towards a large portion of this percentage.

With competition stimulated, odds are going to be set more favourably and stakes are higher. More people are betting, meaning there's more cash to be one - which is all thanks to technology.

Personalized betting

Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised sports betting in several ways - one of which is through the delivery of personalised betting. Online betting platforms can analyse your betting history to create a totally personalised betting experience for you.

For example, AI can analyse past preferences and wagers and make suggestions for future bets. Instead of having to search for the bets you want to make manually, football wagering sites can have suggested bets set up and ready for you.

Another way in which AI can create a personalised football betting experience for you is through customer support systems and chatbots. You can receive instant, AI-powered assistance if you encounter an issue with your bet mid-game. While a chatbot won't be able to solve everything, it can provide you with short-term guidance and tips at the very least.

Overall, technology has improved the customer service expectations of football betting.

AI-powered data analysis

Bookmakers can also use the power of AI to analyse huge amounts of football data and come up with unique variables to bet on. Before, oddsmakers had to analyse historical data themselves to generate odds. Now, they can leave the task to AI to complete, which it can do with much greater efficiency and accuracy.

AI will be able to take into account recent player performances, matchday conditions, and previous scores to come up with precise odds.

It can also analyse niche datasets to generate accurate proposition bet odds, such as the first player to score, number of yellow cards, offside count, and so on.

Fraudulent activity control

Another way AI has been used to improve online sports betting is through the identification of fraudulent sports betting activity. AI can analyse sports betting algorithms to identify suspicious user behaviour such as sudden betting spikes. These can be flagged and investigated further.

Any account that is deemed to be committing fraudulent activity can then be deactivated, preventing it from continuing.

This improves football betting as it means that only bettors who want to stick to the rules are allowed to continue to use the platform.

Cryptocurrency usage

Online betting sites and apps are more widely accepting cryptocurrency as a means of placing a bet. The introduction of crypto removes the need for third-party payment systems, which could result in lower fees and even faster payouts.

Given that no central authority controls crypto, betting with crypto also keeps your activities anonymous and can improve your security.

Responsible gambling

Modern technology arguably leads to more responsible gambling. Contemporary gambling apps and websites come with responsible gambling tools, which are put in place to prevent bettors from gambling more than they intend to.

These responsible gambling tools include self-exclusion and deposit limits. Bettors can set a deposit limit that they must not exceed. Should they reach this limit, they'll be shut out of their account.

Bettors can also sign up for universal self-exclusion schemes, such as GAMSTOP. This particular online gambling prevention model has had noted success.

Users can also opt to receive notifications about their gambling activities. Should you be in doubt about how much you've bet so far, these notifications will serve as a reminder. If the app detects that the bettor is gambling recklessly, notifications will be sent to bring the gambler's attention to this recklessness.

While these responsible gambling measures can't solve problems completely, they at least provide some degree of prevention.