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Freelance Contributions to Pinnacle Sports' Betting Articles

Since January 2016 I've also been contributing material to Pinnacle Sports' Betting Articles. Pinnacle Sports produces regular in-depth analysis for both the betting and sporting worlds. Covering everything from soccer to tennis, their articles investigate anything and everything that could be of interest to sports bettors. Their aim is to educate their customers to help them become a better players. Of course, unlike other brands, they happily accept winners. Please note that Pinnacle Sports is currently unavailable for UK customers, however, you are still free to access their articles.

Don't be fooled by randomness in sports betting
Betting on sport is, by nature, a very uncertain business, but can bettors keep a tight grip on the randomness of it all? Joseph Buchdahl looks at the best way to tackle the inevitable randomness in sports betting.

The pitfalls of Martingale money management strategy
Some bettors are big believers in money management strategies but are they really as reliable as people make out? Joseph Buchdahl investigated the Martingale betting system to see whether the returns are really worth the risks.

Regression to the mean in sports betting
With forecasting systems mainly based on past performances, understanding regression to the mean is crucial for sports bettors. The 2015-16 EPL season has been no short of surprises so far, raising the question: Are extreme outcomes sustainable? Here's what statistics have to say about it.