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Are Manchester United the real losers as the freeze thaws?

Posted 7th December 2010

7-1 against Blackburn, and who knows what it might have been against Blackpool? However, United didn't get the chance to stay at the top of the Premier League and even extend their lead over a few of their title rivals, as Blackpool's failure to provide under-soil heating at their ground brought about the fixture's postponement.

Arsenal took full advantage of that fact and replaced United at the top of the Premier League following a dramatic win over Fulham. Now, with United preparing to play both Arsenal and Chelsea in quick succession, it may be the case that the initiative in the title race has slipped firmly away from Old Trafford. Anyone who has placed a football bet on United to win the title will be unhappy with the way things have gone.

Even worse for United is the fact that Dimitar Berbatov has not been given the opportunity to continue his fine run of form, as well as the fact that Wayne Rooney has missed out on the chance to get back in amongst the goals before United enter such a crucial run of games.

Perhaps the worst aspect of having to play catch up, though, is that United may now end up facing Blackpool when the clubs could be in very different form and during a busy part of the season. They may even have several first team players injured or otherwise missing from the side through suspension. If this is the case, then this weekend just gone could well be remembered as one of the most pivotal in the entire Premier League 2010/2011 title race and the football betting reflects this.

Despite all this, United fans are unlikely to be too worried just now. After all, they know that their manager has been there and done it all before and, as a result of this, they know that he is going to be doing absolutely everything he can to keep his squad composed, calm and above all else focused solely upon winning every game they play.