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Torres comment leaves Chelsea feeling Blue

Posted 14th March 2011

With Fernando Torres yet to make a good impression at new club Chelsea after his 50 million move from Liverpool to the West London club, it would seem like logical advice that the striker should not say anything that could even slightly be taken in the wrong way and alienate the Chelsea fans, who are so keen to see their new arrival find the back of the net and begin paying back the hefty price tag placed on his head.

So, it seems like a bit of an error on Torres's part for him to have made a comment that has been, to be fair, taken out of context already by some of the newspapers. Torres has been speaking with sports daily Marca about his move from Liverpool and has, in all fairness, come out with a whole load of interesting points surrounding his decision to leave Anfield. Torres revealed that the "chaos" in and around Anfield affected his mindset and made him think that he didn't have "time" to stick around and fight for a project that needed extremely heavy investment and many years of hard work to see an end result of any note, something anyone looking at the Premier League tips would probably agree with.

With Torres continuing to praise his new club and team mates, he made the error of handing Chelsea a slightly back-handed compliment, revealing that he expected something "more distant" with a team full of such big names, with "more personal relationships and jokes between the players" than at "serious" Liverpool.

Although you can see the manner in which Torres's comments were intended, Chelsea really don't need any more focus from the press to be placed upon the perceived atmosphere of "banter" and irresponsibility at Stamford Bridge, with Ashley Cole the latest Blues player to act like a child by shooting a youngster at the club's Cobham training ground. Anyone following the football news would have been a little surprised how unguarded his comments were.

If Torres can find the back of the net for his new club with regularity and help the side towards a late assault on the league title, then his comments will of course be forgiven, but if not, this sort of loose chat will not be tolerated by the frustrated Blues faithful.