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Ancelotti needs to feel the wrath of Abramovich, and fast

Posted 7th January 2011

Nobody can envy the position of Carlo Ancelotti at the moment. Overseeing a run of form that has left a struggling Chelsea side with just the single win in the last nine league games, a streak that has left the Blues well and truly out of the running to win the title this season in most people's eyes, Ancelotti's anxiety over the situation cannot be eased by thoughts of the trigger-finger nature of Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich.

With reports rife that Ancelotti is only being kept in a job at Chelsea because the club cannot afford to sack him, after a roundabout of managers that has left the compensation bill at Stamford Bridge a truly ugly sight, Chelsea fans may be wishing for a return back to the days when Abramovich had zero patience no matter what the financial repercussions may have been. The football betting suggests Chelsea will struggle to make an impact on the league now, and a fresh face at the helm could be the only option.

Last night's performance against a Wolves side fighting to shrug off relegation was nothing short of unacceptable for many Chelsea fans, whose anger after the game was only made worse by Ancelotti's attitude, which seemed to be an odd mixture of cluelessness and nonchalance. In fact, the Chelsea boss has now been left sounding like a broken record, stating that the Blues need to "move on" from this difficult "moment". The problem is, this difficult moment (in the manager's words) has been going on for so long now that his conception of time perhaps needs a little checking. The football predictions made Chelsea favourites for the title earlier in the season, but after a string of bad results they are now outsiders.

With Ancelotti still not conceding that his side have no chance of winning the title after such a pathetic run, Chelsea fans might be looking to their owner for a swift and ruthless answer to this worsening situation.