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Pinnacle Sports: Arbitrage Bettors Welcome
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Learn why Pinnacle Sports is the home of arbitrage, or sure win, betting...

An arbitrage opportunity, sometimes referred to as an 'arb' or 'sure bet', arises when betting prices at bookmakers differ enough to allow us to back all possible outcomes for an event to guarantee a profit no matter what the outcome of the event. Consider the following example.

Betting Odds for Liverpool v Chelsea

Average Prices2.613.32.66106.21%94.15%
Best Prices3.23.42.896.38%103.76%

A payout figure of 103.76% means that, whatever the result between Liverpool and Chelsea, we can guarantee a profit of 3.76% on turnover. The stakes for each outcome are calculated by taking the inverse of the betting odds and multiplying by some constant to ensure we are betting the sizes appropriate to our risk preferences. In the example below, this is £1,000.

Arbitrage Betting Stakes


The final table then shows the computed returns for each possible outcome: home win, draw and away win. Whatever the result, we will make £36.20, which is equivalent to 3.76% of the total turnover of £963.80.

Arbitrage Returns

 HomeDrawAwayTotalProfit over turnover
Liverpool wins£687.50-£294.10-£357.10£36.203.76%
Chelsea wins-£312.50-£294.10£642.90£36.203.76%

Although arbs are sometimes described as risk-free, of course really there is no such thing, since even arbitrage bets can, and do, go wrong. A major concern in this context is the impact of stake limitation. What happens if the bettor has his £312.50 for Liverpool and his £357.10 for Chelsea accepted only to find that the bookmaker offering 3.4 for the draw will not accept a stake of £294.10?

More generally, is a fact that the majority of bookmakers donít like arbitrage hunters. This problem can be reduced by using only those brands that accept winning punters and big stakers without restriction beyond their more general stake limits. In this context there is none better the Pinnacle Sports.

A Pinnacle Sports account is essential for any would-be Arbitrage hunter due to their reputation for providing the best odds with low margins and high betting limits. Pinnacle Sports are widely regarded to offer the best odds online; for example, they offer margins as low as 1.5% for football and apply a low margin policy to all markets posted. Therefore any serious Arber will have a Pinnacle Sports account, and any of the widely available arbitrage monitors or odds comparisons often highlight Pinnacle Sports on one side of an arbitrage.

Betting exchanges might offer shorter margins than Pinnacle Sports but once their commission is factored in, Pinnacle Sports becomes unrivalled for many sports betting markets. Furthermore, whilst numerous other bookmakers are known to close accounts of consistently winning players, particulary arbers, this does not happen at Pinnacle Sports; they openly welcome winners as they help them tighten their odds.

So if you think you have what it takes become an arbitrage bettor, make sure that Pinnacle Sports is your primary betting account.