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Corrections to data files

Where Football-Data finds errors in its data files, or where users have reported errors, corrections are made to the data and uploaded to the server. This could result in users not accessing the most up-to-date and error-free data if they are not re-downloading the entire file for their use. Consequently, Football-Data will now report here any corrections that are made and uploaded for added information.

1st September 2015

The half time score for the Portuguese 1st divsion match between Portimonense and Leiria played 29th November 2010 was incorrectly shown as 0-1. The correct score was 1-0.

26th December 2013

All shots, fouls and corners data for the English Premiership (E0), English Championship (E1), English League 1 (E2), English League 2 (E3) and Scottish Premiership (SC0) for the 2013/14 season to date have been changed from Sportinglife to the BBC figures. Sometime during the season Sportinglife inexplicably dropped blocked shots from the total shots count. Going forward, the BBC will be used as the match stats source for E0, E1, E2, E3 and SC0 (as it was for 2012/13). Match stats for the English Conference (EC) will continue to come from Sportinglife, for which total shots data appears to still include blocked shots, presumably because they are using a different data provider for this division.

7th October 2013

The half time score for the Scottish 2nd divsion match between Albion Rvs and Forfar played 18th December 2012 was incorrectly shown as 3-3. The correct score was 2-2.

12th February 2013

All yellow and red card data for the 5 English divisions and the Scottish Premiership for the weekend 8th to 11th February 2013 were incorrect. Corrections were uploaed 20:40 on the 12th February 2013.

18th December 2012

The half time score for the English conference game Oxford v Ebbsfleet played on the 17th November 2007 was incorrectly shown as 0-1. This has now been corrected to 0-0.

16th October 2012

All shots and shots on target data for the 5 English divisions and the Scottish Premiership for 2012/13 to date have been replaced with data from BBC football, since data from ESPN was no longer considered reliable.

3rd August 2012

The half time score for Osasuna v Malaga in the Spanish La Liga 1 playing 23rd April 2012 has been correct to show 0-0 at 22:43, 3rd August 2012.

25th June 2012

Juventus v Napoli Italian Serie B playing 10th April 2007 was incorrectly listed as Juventus v Treviso. This has now been corrected at 23:19, 25th June 2012.

15th February 2012

Inverness C v Aberdeen and St Mirren v Rangers in the Scottish Premiership playing 24th December 2011 had their half time results mixed up. These have now been corrected at 21:51, 15th February 2012.

15th November 2011

Annan Athletic v Peterhead in the Scottish 3rd divions playing 8th November 2011 had an incorrect half time score line. This has now been corrected (2-0) at 10:16, 15th November 2011.

30th September 2011

Elche v Alermia in the Spanish 2nd divions playing 23rd September 2011 was missing from the database and has now been added at 14:07, 30th September 2011.

4th September 2011

Match statistics for the English Conference data for 23rd August 2011 were entirely incorrect, and have been redone and uploaded at 23:00, 4th September 2011.

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